Untold Sequence Interviews Stefan Vincent

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Arguing that it’s about time for Stefan Vincent to step out of the limelight is understating matters. After all, if you’re able to count the heads of some of Holland’s finest labels, including Balans and Dynamic Reflection, and the likes of Laurent Garnier, ROD and Dimi Angélis among your fans, you’ve obviously been doing something right.

His relative anonimity isn’t something that troubles the Amsterdam-based producer and live-act however. More than willing to invest time (the man literally lives in his studio), Stefan has little love for a rushed approach. His path, unlike that of many, hasn’t lead from playing records to eventually taking on music production. Instead, after discovering work by personal inspirations like Rachmad, Surgeon and Mills, Stefan put his own creativity to work.

Now, with a good amount of solid techno releases under his belt, the urge to translate his music to a live audience has followed. Again however, those expecting thought-out predictability are likely to be disappointed. In a sense Stefan’s live-act, consisting of only his own material, is a sneak peek into his studio. A highly danceable one that is, with ample room deliberately left open for live, on the spot re-interpretation.

So far Stefan’s career has seen him play certainly not the least of venues, including Doornroosje, Paradigm, Simplon and HAL 16. His release schedule does its own equally impressive name-dropping. Included on the list are Dynamic Reflection, Manual and soon Darko Esser’s Balans is set to follow.

USQ: ¿What setup did you used to record the USQMX and why you prefer that setup?

I used Ableton, the APC40 and a Maschine. This is the setup that I've been using for nearly a year and right now it gives me the possibilities to perform my liveset in the way I want it to sound, the versatility is very important to me but I'm looking forward to expanding my setup with some new gear to see how far I can stretch my liveset before it becomes too much for one guy to handle.

USQ: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I haven't been around for too long yet, I guess I've been making music for little over 5 years right now but obviously I've been listening to electronic music for a whole lot longer. Next to electronic music I'm really into classical music and jazz as well, and I really love to explore other kinds of music. There's probably nothing in the world that inspires me more than hearing a beautiful piece of music for the first time.

USQ: ¿If you would have to describe your sound, how would you do it?

I'd say it's somewhat minimalistic techno, but I've also been doing tracks and remixes that are quite the opposite of minimalism. My music is very much inspired by the likes of Mills and Rachmad and one could tell certain similarities in the sound, yet I would rather say I'm heavily inspired by detroit techno than calling myself a detroit techno artist.

USQ: ¿What is the main reason why you choose to present a live performance?

I don't dj at all actually, I chose to perform live because I like to decide what happens in a track. If I'm playing something I'd like to be able to make music on the spot and translate it into a jamsession rather than a djset, and I feel like performing live is offering a better opportunity to jam than when dj'ing. I'm not saying I'll never start dj'ing, but I wanna try to get as close to perfection as possible before I'll start something new.

USQ: Coming soon you are going to realease an EP on Balans. ¿What can we expect from the sound of Stefan Vincent?

Trippy stuff! The EP contains four tracks, two dancefloor oriented tracks and two ambient tracks. The first ambient track is very trippy as well and kind of carries the vibe of the dancefloor tracks while the other track is more soothing and melancholic with some warm and deep chords.

USQ: ¿What about the electronic culture and scene in Amsterdam? Tell us the pros and cons for you.

The scene in Amsterdam right now is very healthy and vibrant with a lot of good clubs and nice parties, in the overground as well as in the underground. Next to the parties there is also a lot of great music coming from different labels like Delsin, Rush Hour and A&S. I've also been living hear for just about 4 years but I don't think I'd ever want to move to another place in Holland.

USQ: ¿Wich has been the place you remember the most, among all those places you have been playing? And why.

Definitely Paradigm. Nearly a year ago I played over there, I was supposed to be playing for only an hour but the vibe was just so awesome that I played for nearly 3 hours, until I had literally no more material to play anymore because I thought I only had for about 1,5 hours of material available at the time. Worked out pretty well eventually.

USQ: ¿What’s coming from Stefan Vincent the next months? Releases, remixes, gigs, etc.

In april my latest EP will be released on Balans, I've just did a remix on Dynamic Reflection and since I've just signed up as one of the Dynamic Reflection label residents there will be more releases soon. Furthermore I'm playing at Paradigm again on march 9th, something I've been particularly looking forward to since I'm playing with Donato Dozzy who is one of my all time heroes.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you.

1. Choice - Acid Eiffel
2. Autechre - Nine
3. Radiohead - Pyramid Song
4. Frederic Chopin - Nocturne op.27 n.2 in Db Major
5. Claude Debussy - Claire de Lune