USQ Mix I 034 I Alexander D'niel

martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1988. Alex at the age of just 12 years old he grew interest in electronic music through early versions of computer music programs. Even back then the style that was emerging from these early works was hard techno. Since then he has experimented with many sounds, searching for his own identity that is true to him.
Maturing with his passion for music, his journey brings him back to techno some years later, after experiencing imported records from Berlin and Detroit. Along with like minded individuals in his local scenes he has been spreading awareness of this in Argentina.


1. Synus 0006 – October
2. Phase - Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Remix)
3. Bleak- Scanners (Skudge Remix)
4. Oswld - Dic11f (Unreleased)
5. Alexander D'niel - Farbauti (Unreleased)
6. Alexander D'niel - Leind Xela (Unreleased )
7. Alexander D'niel - Klona (Truncate Remix)
8. Captain Morning -M (Matt Saderlan Remix)
9. Jonas Kopp -Nibirus
10. The Rogue Squadron - Track a1 (Unreleased )
11. Matt Saderlan - Rac (How May I help)
12. Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix)
13. 2707880910 - Seine Crossing (Unreleased)
14. Minimora - Fearless (Unreleased )
15. Rebekah - Cult Figures 1-2

Untold Sequence Interviews Unbalance

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

USQ: What setup did you use to record the USQMX33 and why do you prefer that setup?

This mix I made at home and used my PC, I wanted to concentrate on creating a small but complete story.

USQ: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Siberia and still living here, I love music, a nice vacation, kind people and findin' a new friends, and from this year I love to travel.

USQ: What is your music background? Do you consider influences by your background music when creating and playing your music?

Oddly enough, but a great influence on me made a rock'n'roll music, after it was a big love for the early break-beat and breaks, and with the advent of the big clubs and the underground scene in my city - the love of straight rhythms. I think the inspiration comes from all of my music background, but most of all my influences on the German scene.

USQ: How is the process of making your music? Do you have a pre-idea before making something or just let everything come out in the moment? Tell us about that?

Most often, the creation of the track - it's improvisation, impromptu, but depending on my mood, I know in what way will the track will develope. The good mood - my main reference point.

USQ: If you have to describe your sound, how would you do it?

Fight between light and darkness.

USQ: What do you think about the digitalization issues, production and mixing. Digital is a good way to innovate or tools will always be better to use analog?

The question at issue, because these things are inextricably connected, and one follows from another. I do not accept that - mindless bigotry in judgment. I am for the preservation and, moreover, the development of analog, but I'm not an opponent of the digital world. Moreover, without digital, I would not be able to do what I done.

USQ: The last year you released the '001' version of your 'UNBALANCE' label, tell us about the initial idea of how did you create the project and the concept that is behind it.

This is a joint idea of me and DBH-Music, to the moment of making a first vinyl I had enough unreleased music, and I thought about how I can correctly implement all this material. The guys offered a concept that I really liked, we started working on the implementation and you can see the results.

USQ: What about the electronic culture and scene in Russia? Tell us the pros and cons for you?

I can say for sure - our electronic scene is quite different from the others, in good and in a bad way. There are many talented people who have their oun opinion on the music and are ready to evolve, but as this scene appeared quite recently and is developing slowly, not everyone has the opportunity to develop rapidly within Russia. And very often it turns out that the first artists gain recognition outside the country, and then them became recognizable here.

USQ: What can we expect from Unbalance in the following months?

The next release on Unbalance Records in the near future, as well as several singles and remixes on another labels. As for the performances - the first gigs in Europe and further development of my live performance.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

2562 - Unbalance (Album)
Sigur Ros - Samskeyti
Radiohead - Idioteque
Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
DVS1 - Arrival