Untold Sequence interviews D. Carbone

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

D.Carbone started to produce music in 2006 with his great friend Ascion they began a musical project that continues to grow still now. From Always he was fashinated by electronic music, the artist started his career with minimal sonority that was expressed in his first releases on labels like "Smallroom Music", "SCI + TEC," 8 Sided Dice "and many others. Davide was continually engaged in sound's finding that could express all of himself, made of deep sensation and industrial sonority.

USQ: Tell us about D. CARBONE, Who is the person behind the decks?

In many case people think that the dj is only dj but not for me. I'm also a university student at faculty of psychology and now I'm working for finish my studies. Music is my real interest, I'm studying only for cultural baggage, I don't have interest to work as psychologist in future, my unique interest now is finish university and go to berlin for dedicate my life only to music!

USQ: What's the setup that you used to make the USQMIX 019?

I used a Macbook Pro with Traktor Pro2, NI Audio 8DJ and Allen & Heath Xone 42!.

USQ: We could check that you made a trip to BERLIN this year; Do you consider that BERLIN is the "TECHNO EPICENTER"?

Berlin Berlin Berlin! How i said…Berlin is Berlin, it's simply different… I think is the best city in Europe for quality of life… Here you can be free in all sense. Naples is good place but we have many many problems (I don't want be long on this things). Apart how you can live there (city is really cheap, many things are legal meantime in rest of Europe not is legal, there are uncountable different people from all state and so on…), i think Berlin has real Techno's music culture! The party there start but nobody know when will it finish (Ex. In July 30th i was in Berghain, Luke Slater made awesome set, played also my track on Repitch000, then Ben Klock played 11 hours with magic old school inside, he stopped after 10 hour, but nobody going out from the dancefloor and people were really much for Panorama Bar, and so Ben played other one hour, but where were people? All were in dancefloor, so Len Faki go down and start to play….The party never stop!). Then i want say that Napoli in the past was real epicenter of techno music but in my opinion we have lost it unfortunately, in the 90's Naples had a lot of artists that made rule and now these persons changed they own style for commercial business…Berlin now set the rules!

USQ: How is the TECHNO SCENE in NAPLES and what is the listener’s perception about this techno style?

For me not really good, but is only an assertion of taste. In Naples artists have a different mode to explain techno than me, i think so! There are many good artist like Joseph Capriati and so on… But all of them have different vision of techno for me.. in the past i made a techno more similar to Napolitan techno, but now i don't think so... I'm in way of RAW! I think, my Techno is very different from other people of Naples and i can't feel my music totally inside this scene! (How i said at begin of this reply i don't want that this can seems like a criticism, it's just a taste opinion)

USQ: We have seen that you've been working with ASCION since a long time ago. How is the relationship with him and is he the mayor test when you make a new track?

Ascion is like a brother for me! We lived together in last four year , now Ascion finished his studies and he moved in Berlin, next year also i come there… Ascion is not only a major test, he is the only one tester of my demos (I don't like send my demos to other people)! About collaboration, you asked me in good time, few days ago we made a last track for completing the first EP of series, that will be released with new alias from me and Ascion… Also if we are really distant in this time, everytime we meet, we need to make a track!

USQ: We could see the D CARBONE'S sounds progress during your beginings like a producer with tracks such as Black Clock / Rende Deep in Eminor Records and many more. Now we can check a wonderfull relase in "Prosthetic Pressings" "Suicide EP, With Remixes of Ascion & Claudio PRC . How was the evolution to reach this Techno?

I'm producing music from 4 or 5 year… And i think all my past was at research of my own style… I'm really lover of old school and i think that my own style came from fusion of old school with new instruments and new gear… So, how i can say, i Try to keep alive the sensations of old school inside the new rules!.

USQ: Can you tell us a bit about your music background? and do you consider that this music style is an influence at the moment of creating your music?

The background of my music is represented from really few artist at moment like P.A.S. , Surgeon, Dehnert, Pacou, Klock and so on… They are all representatives of old school… I believe music need to be felt inside heart, music need to create an emotion inside everyone, and this emotion is different from person to person, from artist to artist. With this i want say that i feel this emotion in me when i listen artist like Surgeon, P.A.S. , Mills and so on. When i producing I need that my track evocate this emotions, and only if i feel this emotion i continue to work… I think working without inspirations, without emotions is stupid, because results aren't real expression of own art… Maybe, my idea is complicate to explain but i think all people that have felt this emotion for also one time in his own life, may understand me.

USQ: Tell us about REPITCH and what is the concept behind the project?

Thanks for giving me a possibility to speak about Repitch. It has inside it the concept of Techno culture, it is limited 300 copies with no-repress for 000… I'm a lover of underground scene and i would like Repitch represent the underground scene…We (Me and Ascion) started with idea to open "Repitch" many time ago (approximately 3 years ago)… We waited many times for completing our growing style's (the style always growing but i think now is quite mature) and to set up Repitch's style(In later time we added also Shapednoise to REPITCH crew)! Thus, i can say that the first release of Repitch called 000, because for us not is real starting but is better speak of presentation vinyl, so i want say that we release this vinyl for introducing "Repitch" and his music to the techno scene … After this presentation will begin a series (always limited) with special artwork signed Pasquale Ascione aka Ascion, but i don't want explain other about it, i want that will be a surprise for all artist that want have this series in them collection! Of course we have good artists and remixers on Entire series. (In July Chris Liebing Charted my Track Untitled out on Repitch 000).

USQ: What are your plans for the end of 2011? (Records, Remixes, Dj-Sets, Live)

For Records i have REPITCH 000 , REPITCH 001 with Ascion, an Ep on Dynamic Reflection, one Remix on Driving Forces all of these are in vinyl! About dates, I have three gigs in Germany: Munster @ Club Favela, Stuttgart again @ Toy and one other at Tresor(Berlin) for Nachtstrom Night, one in Bulgaria (TBA), one at Resonance Festival(Naples)! About live i decided to stopping for few time and i'll restart to make new live when i have a couple of analog instruments for make it!

USQ: Where have you enjoyed more playing and why?

I think one month ago in Stuttgart at Toy, because people were amazing…I played really techno and people were happy, people totally felt in this music, people felt my same emotions!

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

You keep me in front an hard choice…(laughs) I think five is reduced number for defining best tracks of ever! I Say best tracks from five artists that i have in my heart!

Jeff Mills - Change of Life
Mike Dehnert - Dub [Fachwerk Records]
Planetary Assaults System - Surface Noise
Surgeon - Intro (Version II) [Tresor Records]
Pacou - Return [Cache Records]

Untold Sequence interviews Szare

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

The English raw-techno duo shared a few words with Untold Sequence, letting us know a bit more about themselves, underneath their anonymity. Read the interview and enjoy Szare's Live Set as recorded in Bristol, UK. 'This interview has been translated from the Spanish original'.

USQ: Tell us about SZARE?

We’re two guys from the north of England, where all the streets are watched by the State’s cameras.

USQ: Which is the main reason to remain anonymous?

We think this answer was given alone. We want to be subversive, hidden and undercover. We want to keep something for us so we can fight against the political rules.

USQ: Where are you living today and how much do your surroundings influence you?

Maybe give you this information would be imprudent. But we can talk about what surrounds us, things here are dark and implacable, but still funky, so it has a really strong impact in our music.

USQ: Tell us a little about Syndrome Z, what is the concept behind the project?

There’s really no predominant concept, we just make raw techno, and it will continue that way until people want.

USQ: You have a very distinctive line history behind the kicks/hi-hats, when it’s time to create music: what did you grow up listening to and what eventually led you to this kind of music?

We grew up listening to many styles of music, from hip-hop to post-rock, from dub reggae to ambient, but our actual situation came from some excellent experiences in nightclubs and from Sleep archive. In relation with our kick/hi-hat models, I think who first inspired us was Regis, but now it just develops naturally and without any significant influence.
Recently we’re exploring ‘the sequence grid’, we’re trying to find some new rhythms and grooves, so then we can put a straight hi-hat… just like that!

USQ: What’s next for SZARE?

Now for Szare there will be a long and frustrating distraction through the funky dance and a prolonged conflict between 110bpm and 130. If we’re lucky, one or two more publications in the techno world… in fact, our relationship with Latin America will continue through Krill Music, from Argentina.

USQ: Tell us a bit about your live show, how often are you performing live as opposed to Djing and what can we expect from SZARE Live?

We only play ‘live’ (with synthesizers, keyboards, etc), you should wait until we play all our best material, published and not, during 90 minutes at least.

USQ: What’s coming from Szare soon, what projects do yuo have for the rest of the year?

Our plans and projects until Christmas… one of us is going to Los Angeles, California, for a war inside Hollywood, he’s attacking from the inside. The other one is working for the Red Cross, helping victims of the capitalist wars. The war will continue. People should defend themselves.
The music is not really important, if we have nothing to celebrate.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

it’s really hard to pick only 5 of all time. But.

1. Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me? (1991)
2. Donna Summer – State of Independence (1982)
3. Mobb Deep – The Start of Your Ending (41st Side) (1995)
4. David Bowie – Station to Station (1976)
5. Link Wray – Rumble (1958)