Untold Sequence Interviews Sev Dah

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

USQ: What setup did you use to record the USQMX31 and why do you prefer that setup?

I usually mix on vinyl, but this mix was recorded in middle of my moving to a new apartment, so this mix was recorded on software. I have 2x Technics mkII 1210, Behringer DJX700 and two pairs of Pioneer CDJ 100. I prefer this because I am using the same setup since 6-7 years for now, so it’s hard to let it go

USQ: Tell us a little bit about Sev Dah?

Well, there is not really much to tell I guess…I’m a regular guy, vinyl fetishist and music lover. I started with music back in 2002. I was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, so I moved from one place to a other for many times in my life – now I’m settled in Sweden since 2009.

USQ: Which is the main reason to remain anonymous?

I would not say that I’m anonymous, I would rather say that I don’t like to talk much about me as a person. I just want to stay more in the background as a person, more in the first plan as an artist. I want to create good music without talking who I am.

USQ: What about the electronic culture and scene in Sweden? Tell us the pros and cons for you?

I moved to Sweden just 3 years ago, so I’m still not really settled. But in those 3 years I like what Ulf from Kontra Music does.
He is really a good promoter and label owner, I am a big fan of his work so far.
Regarding artists, I am following the work of Skudge, MRSK and Bleak very closely. I wont hide the fact that im a big supporter of this group of young individuals! In fact, there is not enough time and space here to tell how much influence Swedish artists – and in general Swedish techno- had in the past for the scene, and this country has a new generation following the same steps for sure! I just don’t like the law here, most of the clubs are closing early - way too early! And the neighbors are a pain in every musicians ass!

USQ: Where are you living today and how much do your surroundings influence you?

Im in the south part of Sweden, near Malmö. I cant tell anything special about the people here, but the wind is killing me I'm still „fresh“ here, so lets see how in 10 years my surrounding will influence me. Let's hope in a good way!

USQ: Which are your main influences at the time of producing and what tools do you use for it?

I’m mainly influenced about the political situation in the world. We just live in a difficult time and place where many unfair and sorrow things happens where its hard to find a bright spot, so I try all the time to convert all my anger in something positive – in music. I’m also politically active, I would not say im a revolutionist – but i am active in those circles, so lets see, maybe one day I will change the world! There are many other things and emotions that makes me work on music – when I’m happy, sad or drunk I would rather say that MUSIC influenced ME to stay normal.
Regarding my producing tools – for now I use one pair KRK Rockit5 and my PC, will try to build up a better studio in my new apartment with more gear and equipment.

USQ: What do you think about the digitalization issues, production and mixing. Digital is a good way to innovate or tools will always be better to use analog?

Technology is the future of mankind! May everybody do what he thinks its best for him. I personally promised to my self to never play on a gig on digital equipment! I only use traktor and other software when I need to record something. I personally don’t like the “chatting DJ” with his laptop. I’m just too much in love with the old-school thing of DJing. Digitalization – not really much to say about. Every thing in the world has its good and bad sides. And here we go – the never ending analog vs digital – let people decide what they like to use as long the music is good and innovative.

USQ: If you have to describe your sound, how you would do it?

Hmmm, that’s the part I hate! I hate my music, honestly I think I’m too much a perfectionist. I really don’t like to judge my own music. It’s better for my ego to get some critics/feedbacks from people who buy/play/consume it heheh

USQ: Tell us about your latest release in Naked Index? How do you did your participation in this label and mean to you?

I liked the fact that Naked Index released 2 artists I really like. I also liked that I can be Sev, I can release my own sound, without any remix or restrictions regarding my sound. I’m really happy about this release. I will keep on with Naked Index for sure in the future just because I can be my self. I got Jeff’s contact from a friend, I sent him some tracks, and he liked it, and that’s how our work together started.

USQ: What we expect from Sev Dah in the following months?

Well, as I said on the beginning I will move out in end of May, so now I need to focus first on my personal life. But I have 3 releases planed for the near future. One is coming soon on Re(FORM) with a remix from Detroit People Mover, then I will have a releases coming later this year on Komisch, and of course – a new EP on Naked Index. I am also doing a remix. So lets see, will be a busy year for sure!

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

Rivet – Sundry
Freundeskreis – Esperanto (Album)
Primal – Truth without Pain
The Anxious – Sixfold Symmetry
Cypress Hill – Temples of Boom (Album)

USQ Mix I 030 I Skcribled

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012


1. Mike Dehnert - Intro
2. Overcast Sound - Nirate Base
3. Trus'me - Good God (Norman Nodge Dub)
4. Kowton - Untitled (Tom Dicicco Remix)
5. Sascha Rydell - When You Play It
6. Conforce - Be - There At Night
7. Roman Lindau - Plavix
8. Raffaele Attanasio - Black Bloc (Manzel Version)
9. Unbalance - Fluid (Jonas Kopp Remix)
10. Truncate - Transients V2
11. Delta Fuktionen - Torpor
12. Dsum - Desde El Tallo (Blotketch Remix)
13. Sigha - Finding Myself
14. The Traveller - Ber