Untold Sequence interviews Mekas

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Born and raised in the Southern Region of Argentina in the beautiful city of Bariloche, Juan Tomás Roselló (aka Mekas) started working with Pablo Denegri, Enrique Casal a.k.a. Qik and Milena Pafundi for the audiovisual experimental project TEKHNE, performing as a live act with hardware and djing around the Buenos Aires underground scene.

USQ: What setup did you use to record the USQMX26?

Ableton live 8.2.6, and Nano Korg.

USQ: Tell us about you.

I´m Mekas from Buenos Aires, I was born in 1985 and I’m a Techno producer, member of the Aula Magna Crew.

USQ: How long have you been involved in the world of Techno?

Since 2004. I’ve started playing with Enrique Casal (Qik), together with the live visuals of Milena Pafundi (Vj Linden) and Pablo Denegri. We performed live audiovisuals and experimental shows as “Tekhne”. We used to play with Reason and Midi - USB controllers back then. In the last years I released music in labels like Der Hut, Igloo-rec, Monocline, Esperanza and many more.

USQ: How do you see the evolution in your music since you started until now?

I´ve started with experimental tunes, ambient, clicks and cuts and experimental dub, now I’m looking forward to produce more club music. I don’t know exactly how to define my actual direction, but one thing is clear: the album "Chakal" released in 2009 with PabloDenegri was kind of a big musical revelation to me. The entire production process in the album was essentially getting focus on my own search.

USQ: How do you see the electronic music scene in Argentina in this moment?

The scene here is growing day by day, but playing underground Techno in Buenos aires is still not that easy. I think good times are coming here and I´m looking towards to it with great expectations. We also have some great Argentina-based labels working very well: Krill music, Traut, Igloo-rec, Greener, and so on.

USQ: If you have to describe your sound, how would you do it?

I like to say Techno.

USQ: What’s coming from Mekas the next months?

I’m releasing an EP in Minuscule with a Donor remix very soon, a vinyl EP in Woods & Bass Ltd and an EP on the label Labrynth with Scalameriya, my friend from Serbia, plus another EP in his label Genesa records. I’m also proud to announce the launching of our own vinyl record label together with Seph, Pablo Denegri and Qik: Aula Magna Records. We’re already working a lot on the first releases to come. I’m also planning my european tour for 2012, and working on my new Live set.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

That’s impossible, tracks which i really like at the moment:

1. Dj Sprinkles - Grand Central, Pt I (Deep into the bowel of house) (Mcde Bassline Dub)
2. Planetary Assault Systems - GT - P.A.S Drone Sector Remix
3. Truncate - 21
4. D. Carbone - Space Addiction (Donor Remix)
5. Mekas & Pablo Denegri - Nebulosa (Marco Zenker Remix)