Untold Sequence Interviews Donor

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

USQ: What setup did you use to record the USQMX29 and why do you prefer that setup?

2x Technics SL-1200MK5 and an Allen & Heath Xone:92.
This is the DJ set up I have been using for years. I also made some edits in Ableton which is what I use when performing Live.

USQ: Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Greg Schappert. I work for Apple and live with my wife in Brooklyn, New York. I spent about 8 years living overseas in Spain and Japan.
I am 33 years old and have spent exactly half of my life listening to Techno. I've have been making music for close to 10 years now.

USQ: We clearly note that your productions are heavily influenced by Detroit and Chicago sounds, accompanied by very deep sounds. What is the process to reach this unique sound you have now?

I would say that the sounds of cities like Birmingham and Detroit have been major influences. I record my own sounds with my Edirol R-09 field recorder and use similar effects to process them. I guess this is how I have been able to create a unique sound.

USQ: What about the electronic culture and scene in New york? Tell us the pros and cons for you?

I really like the Techno scene in New York at the moment. I rarely go out, and when I do, I prefer small clubs or warehouses with unique acts. New York has plenty of that for me thanks to some solid promoters making that possible. I would prefer better sound in some of the clubs that I frequent though.

USQ: When it’s time to create music what HARDWARE and SOFTWARE do you use for it? And do you consider analog equipment the best way to find better sounds?

I have a good size studio, it's a shame that I am only using about half of it. I guess it's just because I have found a system that works at the moment, which includes Ableton Live & Logic, my Roland TR-909, an Edirol R-09 field recorder, an Eventide Space Effects Pedal, a UAD-2 card, Guitar Rig and some other Native Instruments software. I have a bunch of other kit as well but this is all I am using to produce at the moment. It's not about hardware or software, it's about whatever works - for me it's a combination of the two.

USQ: In 2011 you re-launched Minuscule along with your friend Bob Rogue. What is the main idea behind the project?

Miniscule has and always will be a free internet-based label, a platform for new and established artists to experiment with new sounds and ideas. That's it really. I met Truss and many others through Miniscule so it's been a good ride.

USQ: You have nice DUO with Tom Russell aka Truss, The two of you have seen releases on labels like Dumb Unit, Synewave, Perc Trax and Thema. How is the relationship with TOM and what advice would you give producers that want to start a DUO.

Not sure if I can give any advice but… Tom and I immediately connected because we come from similar musical backgrounds and had an understanding of each others desired direction. Unlike most Duos, we live across the Atlantic from one another so we rarely work in the studio together. Our projects are more about exchanging parts and building of each others ideas.

USQ:What can we expect from Donor in the following months?

I have been working on some new stuff but the only solo material I have confirmed at the moment is remix for Inigo Kennedy that will be out on Prosthetic Pressing in the near future. There is also some confirmed Donor / Truss material and more in the making.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

How about I give you 5 electronic albums that have not left my iPod in a very long time or since they were released anyways.

1. Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 - Warp Records
2. Porter Ricks - Biokinetiks - Chain Reaction
3. Robert Hood - Internal Empire - Tresor
4. Kangding Ray - Automne Fold - Raster-Noton
5. HTRK - Work (work, work) - Ghostly International