Untold Sequence interviews Szare

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

The English raw-techno duo shared a few words with Untold Sequence, letting us know a bit more about themselves, underneath their anonymity. Read the interview and enjoy Szare's Live Set as recorded in Bristol, UK. 'This interview has been translated from the Spanish original'.

USQ: Tell us about SZARE?

We’re two guys from the north of England, where all the streets are watched by the State’s cameras.

USQ: Which is the main reason to remain anonymous?

We think this answer was given alone. We want to be subversive, hidden and undercover. We want to keep something for us so we can fight against the political rules.

USQ: Where are you living today and how much do your surroundings influence you?

Maybe give you this information would be imprudent. But we can talk about what surrounds us, things here are dark and implacable, but still funky, so it has a really strong impact in our music.

USQ: Tell us a little about Syndrome Z, what is the concept behind the project?

There’s really no predominant concept, we just make raw techno, and it will continue that way until people want.

USQ: You have a very distinctive line history behind the kicks/hi-hats, when it’s time to create music: what did you grow up listening to and what eventually led you to this kind of music?

We grew up listening to many styles of music, from hip-hop to post-rock, from dub reggae to ambient, but our actual situation came from some excellent experiences in nightclubs and from Sleep archive. In relation with our kick/hi-hat models, I think who first inspired us was Regis, but now it just develops naturally and without any significant influence.
Recently we’re exploring ‘the sequence grid’, we’re trying to find some new rhythms and grooves, so then we can put a straight hi-hat… just like that!

USQ: What’s next for SZARE?

Now for Szare there will be a long and frustrating distraction through the funky dance and a prolonged conflict between 110bpm and 130. If we’re lucky, one or two more publications in the techno world… in fact, our relationship with Latin America will continue through Krill Music, from Argentina.

USQ: Tell us a bit about your live show, how often are you performing live as opposed to Djing and what can we expect from SZARE Live?

We only play ‘live’ (with synthesizers, keyboards, etc), you should wait until we play all our best material, published and not, during 90 minutes at least.

USQ: What’s coming from Szare soon, what projects do yuo have for the rest of the year?

Our plans and projects until Christmas… one of us is going to Los Angeles, California, for a war inside Hollywood, he’s attacking from the inside. The other one is working for the Red Cross, helping victims of the capitalist wars. The war will continue. People should defend themselves.
The music is not really important, if we have nothing to celebrate.

USQ: Top 5 of best tracks ever for you?

it’s really hard to pick only 5 of all time. But.

1. Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me? (1991)
2. Donna Summer – State of Independence (1982)
3. Mobb Deep – The Start of Your Ending (41st Side) (1995)
4. David Bowie – Station to Station (1976)
5. Link Wray – Rumble (1958)