USQ Mix | 038 | Maks

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Maks /Czene Dániel - from Budapest, Hungary / has been selecting and collecting vinyls since the end of 1990's and has been spinning since the age of 15 at live radio broadcasts and underground events as well. He is in the music production since 2004 with his own tracks. His wide music spectrum is from minimal to maximal, from clear to distorted from raw to complex soundings; involving ambient, dub, experimental, industrial, minimal, acid, detroit, chicago, kalamazoo, berlin, techno, house and electro. Being devoted to music he is the co-founder, selector and promoter of Panel Trax Records


01.Mika Vainio- In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart (Mego)
02.Maks-c.H1.1_E 2 (Slušaj Najglasnije!)
03.Shxcxchcxsh- Hhhhhhhggks (HEM)
04.Jeff Mills- Untitled (Something In The Sky)
05.Par Grindvik- Wyatt Arp /Terrence Dixon Interpretation/ (Stockhom LTD)
06.Eduardo De La Calle-Untitled (Analog Solutions)
07.Magnus-Dingo 808 My Baby (Magnus)
08.Terrence Fixmer- The Arrival /Iori's Reshape/ (Planete Rouge Records)
09.Abdulla Rashim- Asayita 2 (Abdulla Rashim)
10.Developer-Bodega (Gynoid Audio)
11.Alexander D'niel- Janos Factory (Panel Trax)
12.MTD-Motion (Sonntag Morgen)
13.Polar Inertia- Major Axis (Dement3d Records)
14.Synus0006- Brainwash (B4ck6round1se)
15.Stallion-Stallion (Stallion)
16.Rebekah- Untitled (Cult Figures)
17.Truncate-Bodega V2 (Truncate)
18.Wilbur Wals- March (Panel Trax)
19.Manzel- Untitled (Manzel)
20.Luigi AcidMachine- Two Mojitos (Cannibald Records)
21.Cassegrain & Tin Man- Sear (Kille Kill)
22.Maks- Plazma (Panel Trax)
23.Delta Funktionen- Miss Communication (Ann Aimee)
24.Unbalance-Tunnel (Unbalance)
25.Steve Lorenz- Abstraction (Synewave)
26.Phase- Binary Opposition /Sigha Process/ (Token)
27.Yuka- Element X (Fullpanda Records)
28.Ks- Drai EP (Stratosphere Records)
29.Obtane & Giorgio Gigli- Chemistry Of Human Life /Mike Parker Remix/ (Zooloft)
30.Philus- Untitled (Sähkö Recordings)
31.Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search- Dehydrate (A&S Records)
32.Marcel Dettmann- Planning (OstGut Ton)
33.Rumenige-Untitled (Numb)
34.Charlton- Basterd (M_Rec LTD)
35.Stanislav Tolkachev- Tested On Humans (Panel Trax)
36.D.Carbone & Ascion- Irradial (Repitch)
37.Delusions-Death Tree /Ancient Methods Remix/ (Ballistic)
38.Pan sonic- A (Blast First)